Statins may become OTC

Statins (cholesterol lowering meds) such as Lipitor may be purchasable over the counter soon. This worries me for many reasons. Many drugs that were once prescription only have now become OTC but statins are not something to be messed with. Lets use Zyrtec as an example. Zyrtec helps ease allergies. It is simple to self-diagnose allergies. Using Zyrtec does not require physician modification or check ups. It also does not carry any abnormal risks for usage. Lets look at Lipitor. Lipitor requires:

1. A test to confirm high cholesterol. Patients will not even know they have high cholesterol unless they have a blood test so having this OTC seems almost pointless.

2. Blood tests for check ups to confirm that the liver is working correctly and that skeletal muscle is not breaking down. This is one adverse effect Lipitor can have if a physician is not watching.

3. Many prescriptions interact with Lipitor

Patients can under prescribe themselves and over prescribe Lipitor and patients may not even report that they are taking it during their health history.

None of this may be relevant to Pfizer but all these facts are relevant when the FDA evaluates their proposal.

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